Sunshine Schools
Sunshine Schools
Quality. Affordability. Love

Sunshine School, Mehrauli, Delhi 

Total number of students: 250

Total number of staff: 20

The school started in 2015 in a small two storey house in Mehrauli village with an initial batch of 60 students and 5 teachers. 

In just a few years we have moved to a much larger building and, more importantly, established ourselves as the best primary school in the community.    

Sunshine School, Khora, Ghaziabad 

Total number of students: 350

Total number of staff: 27

Sunshine School started in 2018 in Khora in Ghaziabad, just across the border from Delhi. 

Khora in an urban village with a population of around 5 lakh residents running micro businesses and working in various blue collar professions. Our parents are very thankful that their children are receiving a high quality education at Sunshine Schools.