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Sunshine Schools
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"Sunshine Schools are looking to attract interest from members of the urban 'aspirational' class -- vegetable vendors, security guards, drivers, etc."

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Vikas Jhunjhunwala appeared as a panelist on BBC News' Worklife India on 24 August 2021 and shared how Sunshine Schools is bridging the learning gap caused by the pandemic.

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Vikas Jhunjhunwala appeared as a panelist on Mirror Now on 23 July 2020 and shared the experience of how low income private schools in general, and Sunshine Schools, in particular, are providing online classes through a innovative mix of whatsapp video calls, messages and phone conversations.

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Vikas Jhunjhunwala was quoted by the Economist in an article regarding the state of budget private schools that educate children for low income families in India.

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