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What We Do

The "Quality" Problem In Education

84% of Grade 1 students in government run schools in India cannot read their prescribed texts

Almost 40% cannot even recognise letters*

As a result, millions of children from low-income families are graduating each year unprepared for the future

*Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2019, The Hindu, 15 Jan 2020
Our Solution

A chain of professionally run schools providing affordable English medium education to children from low-income families

  • Fees are Rs 700 (USD 9) per month on average which is affordable for the working poor
  • Students come from blue-collar families where parents work as carpenters, plumbers, masons, security guards, cooks, maids
Our Journey
"Quality" at Sunshine Schools

Quality comes from our professional yet child-centered and holistic approach which is unique in the current eco-system

  • We are constantly learning from innovative pedagogical approaches in India and across the world and adapting them to our context.  For example, Waldorf approaches in kindergarten, peer and group learning, flipped classroom, etc. 

  • Our fundamental processes for Recruitment, Training, Assessment, Administration, etc are professionally driven like any good startup

  • Our schools have achieved leadership status in our area of operations.  We regularly have waiting lists and have to turn away students due to lack of space.

Parent Testimonials

​Sunshine School, Mehrauli, Delhi 

Since we have admitted our child to Sunshine School, there has been much improvement in his studies in English, Hindi, etc. Just like I am happy, other parents are also happy with the School.    
- Grandfather of Yasir, Grade 3

Children speak in English and explain to me about different things they learned in school. My eldest child [who is in a different school] says that if I had been able to study in this school, then even I would have gotten a good education

- Mother of Mayank and Manthan, Grade 2

Sunshine School, Khora, Ghaziabad 

“[Sunshine School] is the best school in the entire area. My child has greatly improved in English, Hindi as well as in his manners and habits”
- Father of Himanshu, Grade 3

“I can challenge anyone that when my child goes to any [senior] school later, she will do really well”
- Mother of Vaishnavi, KG

In The News

"Sunshine Schools are looking to attract interest from members of the urban 'aspirational' class -- vegetable vendors, security guards, drivers, etc."

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Vikas Jhunjhunwala appeared as a panelist on BBC News' Worklife India on 24 August 2021 and shared how Sunshine Schools is bridging the learning gap caused by the pandemic.

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Vikas Jhunjhunwala appeared as a panelist on Mirror Now on 23 July 2020 and shared the experience of how low income private schools in general, and Sunshine Schools, in particular, are providing online classes through a innovative mix of whatsapp video calls, messages and phone conversations.

View his comments here at minutes 7:00 and 32:00

Vikas Jhunjhunwala was quoted by the Economist in an article regarding the state of budget private schools that educate children from low income families in India.

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