Sunshine Schools
Sunshine Schools
Quality. Affordability. Love

Sunshine School, Mehrauli, Delhi 

Since we have admitted our child to Sunshine School, there has been much improvement in his studies in English, Hindi, etc. Just like I am happy, other parents are also happy with the School.    
- Grandfather of Yasir, Grade 3

Children speak in English and explain to me about different things they learned in school. My eldest child [who is in a different school] says that if I had been able to study in this school, then even I would have gotten a good education

- Mother of Mayank and Manthan, Grade 2

Sunshine School, Khora, Ghaziabad 

“[Sunshine School] is the best school in the entire area. My child has greatly improved in English, Hindi as well as in his manners and habits”
- Father of Himanshu, Grade 3

“I can challenge anyone that when my child goes to any [senior] school later, she will do really well”
- Mother of Vaishnavi, KG